Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Korea Weekend Box Office - Sept. 15-17

After a quiet couple of weeks, a new hit opened last weekend, the melodrama MAUNDY THURSDAY, the story of a woman who wants to die and a man on death row who would much rather not. Directed by Song Hae-sung (FAILAN, RIKIDOZAN), MAUNDY was faulted by some film critics for being rather obvious. But for melodramas, obviousness is not always a failing. Anyhow, I have not seen it yet, so I should probably keep my snarky comments to myself.

Other notes... A disappointing opening for PUZZLE. The noir-ish crime drama had a pretty heavy push by Cinema Service, but nevertheless opened weakly. I'm guessing that it was too similar looking to WAR OF FLOWERS (타짜), which comes out next week (and looks to be a more interesting film).

Also, THE HOST is still chugging along. Looks like it will top the 13-million-attendance point in the next week.

This WeekTitle........................................Release DateScreens NationwideWeekend Attendance (Seoul only)Total Attendance
1.Maundy Thursday9.14520297,8001,204,400
3.Between Love and Hate9.0722845,000552,000
4.Like a Virgin8.3116933,000628,000
5.The Host7.2721523,60012,921,000
6.Sinking of Japan8.3120317,000916,600
7.Three Fellas9.0722816,600395,300
8.The Sentinel9.079010,100154,900
9.United 939.07584,00073,000
10.No Mercy for the Rude8.24542,100902,000

(source: Film 2.0)

(Note: Three Fellas was "Ttukbang Jeonseol" in last week's box office chart)

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