Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Digital Korea Blog

I just ran across the blog by Kim Chang-won, Web 2.0 Asia, which I quite liked. Chang (as he calls himself) is the co-CEO of the Internet startup TNC (which was acquired by Google Korea a year ago), and he has a real gift for explaining some of the quirkier aspects of Korea's IT industry as well as the future of the web in Asia (although mostly Korea).

Among the posts I really like of his are this great take-down of SK's terrible apps store, Samsung's attempts to join the app store market, the lack of iPhone in Korea, and even an escort business map of Gangnam.

All of which remind me, if you are interested in Korea tech issues, you should also check out Channy Yun's Korea Crunch (including an interesting post about Twitter and its Korean competitor Me2Day) and
Techno Kimchi (although this is not being updated much these days). And there is a nice overview of the top Asia tech blogs at OpenWeb.

Btw, I thought this was amusing -- when I went to check out Web Standards Korea, I found this:


The Sanity Inspector said...

One of my brothers-in-law used to be a pretty highly placed mucky-muck with SK Telecom. He's since moved on to bigger and better things--but I hope he doesn't get any blowback from this app store fiasco.

joey6666 said...

The Korean Iphone ban has been lifted, I just read