Saturday, May 08, 2010

Filming North Korean Films (Almost)

Far too little is known about North Korean cinema, which for 60 years has been turning out little-known juche masterpieces. Certainly it is one of my big regrets that I was not able to go to North Korea and visit the Pyongyang film studio myself.

So it was a treat to discover this short documentary by filmmakers Shane Smith and Eddy Moretti, about their travels to North Korea to film the North's film industry. And while they did not get to see any movie making, they did get to North Korea's movie museum and a few sets. Their video is just 23 minutes long, but it is rare to see so much footage from the North, all taken with permission (well, almost all).

* * *
Hrm, apparently people have been adding more and more videos about North Korea onto Youtube. Many have English subtitles or are English dubs.

And plenty more at Juche Korea's Youtube channel.

* * *

Oh, speaking of North Korean cinema, a couple of months ago, I mentioned that Johannes Schoenherr was writing a series of stories on the subject. Well, he has been keeping at it, and now there are well over 20 articles at the Daily NK.


Stephe said...

This is absolutely incredible. I NEVER would have expected to see any of this stuff available.

Honestly, I... wow.

Thanks for tipping us off!

Pierce Conran said...

Wow, very cool. By the way, given the many, many Korean I've seen I have yet to get my hands on anything from the north. It would be fascinating to see the contrast, any ideas on how to find any?

nibas said...

north korean films are good and clear.these films show north korean peoples history,culture, and truth to the outer world.north korea is very good nation but as it is socialist other capitalist nation always treat it as a terrorist nation.please know the truth .my uncle went north korea several time .north korea doesn't want war.there is no any nation whose people are like north always see the news about n.korea and china in the but they always modify the news and give false news about them.does making people no rich and no poor is bad?north korean are too disciplined.please know the truth.