Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pop Goes Korea Goes E-Book

Fun news -- Pop Goes Korea is at last available as an e-book. You don't have to track down a physical copy, wait for an order, or kill any trees anymore.

You can get Pop Goes Korea for your Kindle here, or your Nook here.

Best of all, my publisher allowed me to make one small but important change to the e-book edition. At last we have the dollar-won exchange rate specified in the text. When I wrote the book, it was at the unusually strong 800 won/dollar level, which made some of the numbers seem a bit odd (soon after, it fell to 1,200 won/dollar, and today is still less than 1,100 won/dollar).

Big thanks to everyone who has already bought a copy. And thanks to all who read my articles and blogs -- I really appreciate the support and I hope to keep you interested.

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Anonymous said...

If only there was a class where we studied with this book and learnt about korean pop. Hopefully i will get my hands on this ebook soon.