Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Korea Weekend Box Office - July 20-22

Well, one minor mystery solved. A few weeks ago, Mike noted in a comment that my chart's admissions for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD'S END had actually fallen between weeks. I was interested in the difference, but did not follow up.

However I just figured it out. About three weeks ago, Film 2.0 changed how it compiled box office data. Instead of compiling the charts themselves, the Film 2.0 crew decided to start using the official KOBIS data. KOBIS is much more accurate, but it does not track all the screens in Korea. At the moment, it claims to account for 94% of the nationwide box office. I guess this means I will be using KOBIS, too (although I will use the studios' numbers when they send me those stats).

Anyhow, once again Hollywood dominated. The movie listings at my local multiplexes basically looked like Die Hard, Die Hard, Transformers, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Alone, Transformers, Die Hard, Cut. Not a lot of variety going on.

DIE HARD 4.0 (I prefer that title to the American LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD) opened fairly strong, with $10.9 million, which is the biggest ever Fox film in Korea. Whatever that means.


Much more interesting, though, was the No. 4 film, ALONE (called SIAM here, for no good reason I could see). ALONE, a horror film from Thailand, opened pretty strongly -- about $2 million or so. I was quite impressed. ALONE's directors (there are two) had a pretty successful previous film in SHUTTER, but still, for some obscure Thai horror movie to come in fourth? Nice. I hope we will see more international films like that.

Title - Weekend Admissions - Total Nationwide Admissions
1. Die Hard 4.0 - 698,500 - 1,465,100
2. Harry Potter a Side Order of Phoenix - 427,800 - 3,001,600
3. Transformers - 386,800 - 6,508,600
4. Alone (Siam) - 137,400 - 295,800
5. Cut - 71,000 - 529,700
6. Power Rangers Magic Force - 31,100 - 66,000
7. Black House - 6,800 - 1,314,600
8. Descent - 3,500 - 227,900
9. Lady Chatterly - 2,100 - 9,300
10. Shrek 3 - 1,300 - 2,819,600

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