Monday, February 19, 2007

First We Take Berlin...

A couple of small Korean connections at the Berlin Film Festival, which announced its awards over the weekend. The big winner at Berlin was the Chinese film TUYA'S MARRIAGE, about life in Chinese Mongolia. TUYA is not a Korean film, however it is being sold internationally (except in Chinese and French territories and Indonesia) by the very Korean Cineclick Asia. So congratulations to them. This is Cineclick's first non-Korean title (although they have been working on the latest Siddiq Barmaq film OPIUM WARS for a while).

Park Chan-wook's I'M A CYBORG, BUT THAT'S OKAY also picked up a small award, the Alfred Bauer Prize for innovation.

Btw, movie box office report will be a day late this week, thanks to the Seollal lunar new year holiday.

Btw II, sorry for not posting the January CD sales numbers. I wanted to post them at the same time as the 2006 annual figures were released, but those totals seem to be delayed.

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Blue Sunflower said...

Please let me know about the cd sales.. I always interested with this kind of stuff, esp how k-pop overblown