Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Too Lazy to Organize My Thoughts,
aka, Random Notes - Vol 2, No. 4

There were a couple of good stories in the Chosun Ilbo today (believe it or not, it does happen).
  • "How to Spot the Real Crowd-Pleaser Movies" is a look at how much staying power Korean movies had last year. Calling it the "grapevine index," the writer divides each film's total attendance by its opening weekend attendance. The idea being, the more genuinely popular a film is, the most people will talk about it and get their friends to attend. If a film's popularity is just marketing driven, and the movie itself actually stinks, people will tell their friends to avoid it and it will soon be out of the theaters.

    Grapevine Index of Top Film of 2006
    1. Radio Star - 10.6
    2. 200 Pound Beauty - 8.06
    3. Tazza - 7.28
    4. The Host - 6.42

    Worst Film of 2006
    1. Running Wild - 1.7
    2. I'm a Cyborg, But That's Okay - 1.96
    3. Bewitching Attraction - 2.1
    4. Daisy - 2.14

    I was quite surprised RADIO STAR did so well, especially considering all the competition in the period it came out. And BEWITCHING ATTRACTION seems to be more a victim of a misleading ad campaign than its inherent quality. Otherwise, the chart seems unsurprising, if interesting.

  • The other interesting story is this one, claiming that South Korean entertainment is getting into North Korea:
    According to a survey of 30 North Korean defectors who settled in South Korea, popular songs and dramas from the South are not only all the rage in Pyongyang; they have also found their way to border regions like Kaesong, Nampo and North Hamgyeong Province. South Korean actors like Bae Yong-joon and Jang Dong-gun have many fans there. North Koreans buy South Korean videotapes and CDs from people who frequently travel across the Chinese border, the survey shows.

  • Dramas ruled the TV airwaves in 2006, led by JUMONG. In fact, all top-10 programs on free-to-air TV last year were dramas. KBS's 9 o'clock news only managed 19th.
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