Friday, April 20, 2007

Music Execs Killed the Radio Star

Okay, so the movie industry can be pretty dumb at times. But why is the music industry so actively and aggressively evil? And stupid. So very, very stupid.

I complain based on the decision in the United States to dramatically raise royalty payments on Internet radio. Over the last couple of years, I would say that well over half of my CD purchases have come from acts I have heard via Internet radio. No Internet radio means no purchases, and no money for the record labels. How is that equation difficult to understand?

Time to re-listen to Leonard Cohen's "Everybody Knows"....
Everybody knows that the fight is fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich stay rich,
That's how it goes...
Everybody knows.

Btw, there is on online petition to save Internet radio over here.

(UPDATE: I don't seem to have "Everybody knows" on my computer. So instead I listen to "My Secret Life". Which is apropo of nothing... but it is a good song.)

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i'm feeling today is more of a Famous Blue Raincoat sort of a day