Thursday, April 19, 2007

Random Music Notes

  • A pretty decent show shaping up at club DGBD in Hongdae on Saturday night:
    Cocore, 3rd line Butterfly, Bulssazo (all beginning at 9pm, I believe)

    Actually, I do not know much about Bulssazo, but I am a big fan of 3rd Line Butterfly, and Cocore just had a new album. Is this their album release party? If it is not, then they had their album release party very recently.

  • Friday could be okay, too (although not so much to my taste):
    Hooligan (21:00~), The Rock Tigers (22:00~), Copy Machine (23:00~), No.1 Korean (24:00~), Groupie (01:00~)

  • There is also a new show starting at Ssamzie Space in Hongdae on April 24 called SOUND ART 101. From the exhibition announcement:
    ...the exhibition offers an introduction for the general audience to the joy of contemporary sound arts by focusing on the very foundation of sound art.

  • It has already been a fairly busy week for live shows for me. Checked out RIGOLETTO on Sunday. Seriously underwhelming. Gilda was quite good and I am told the Rigoletto is one of Korea's best-known tenors (although he was suffering from the lingering effects of a cold, or so I was told). But the art design seriously left me cold.

  • Last night I finally saw my first Cirque do Soleil. Cirque has its QUIDAM show in Korea at the moment, and it was great. I was even dragged out of the audience to participate in the show. I think nothing like that has ever happened to me before. They have been written about to death over the past three decades, so there is nothing I can add. QUIDAM is playing in Korea until June, so plenty of time to check it out.
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