Sunday, July 29, 2007

Host with HD Most

This is kind of interesting. At the moment at DVD Empire, THE HOST is the No. 1 selling Blu-ray title. (Is just No. 4 among HD-DVDs, though).

Kind of exciting the other day -- I saw my first Blu-ray discs on sale in Korea. At the Evan Records at COEX (same time I saw the Shin Sang-ok collection). It was a sad little collection, though, and I did not see THE HOST among those titles.

Have HD-DVD and Blu-Ray players gone on sale in Korea yet? Last I checked they were not being sold here (at least not legitimately... in Yongsan, anything is possible).


Mike said...

all i have heard is that korea will sell blue-ray only. lg sells a dvd player in the usa that plays both formats, but as of now it is not for sale here in korea.

the thinking here at times just makes no logical sense at all.

Mike said...

At Say Department store today they had a Few HD-DVD'S for sale. BOURNE I FOR 44,000 WON. I have no idea why so high on price. Sales man said LG and X360 have players to play but not a clue if anywhere is selling the player.

Nick Laslett said...

Do you know if CJ Entertainment will release Transformers on Blu-Ray in South Korea?