Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hong Kong Filmart 2008 - Mini Report 2

It has been interesting getting to Filmart so far ahead of time, for once. The Hong Kong Filmart runs Monday to Thursday (March 17-20... although most people leave on Wednesday), but this year THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER is publishing dailies, so I arrived a few days early to set up.

Our office is just above the market floor, in a nice, spacious location. We have a window that overlooks the floor, reminding me of the VIP room in some colossal disco. Best of all, our room number is "14" -- the most unlucky number for Chinese people of a superstitious bent (it's even worse than 4 is in Korea).

After a couple of days of mad, hectic rushing, the exhibition crew has just about finished setting up everyone's booths. Packing wrap is being pulled down. Paint is almost dry. I'm told the registration booth will be issuing ID cards within an hour.

It is always great to be in Hong Kong. We went to a great Peking Duck place last night. Already checked out Happy Valley. Done some shopping. Went to Ebenezer for kebabs and biryani and didn't get dysentery. It's been a full trip.

Maybe I should do some real work now...

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