Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hong Kong Filmart 2008 - Wrap Up

I guess I should write a little conclusion to my trip to the Hong Kong Filmart, now that I am back, safe and sound.

This year's Filmart was busier than ever. As usual, not a lot of actual deals going down at the market, but there was plenty of talking and schmoozing. (What usually happens is that people meet at Filmart, make and renew acquaintances, but do most of the deal signing later, like at Cannes). But some people think that Filmart has some momentum behind it and is rapidly turning into the main Asian film market.

Sorry PIFF, but you are losing ground... plus your hotel room venue just does not seem as professional to some exhibitors.

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER published dailies at Filmart for the first time (you can download them here). I think we did a decent job of covering the event, all things considered. And, as always, it was fun to see everyone from all over, many of whom you only see once a year at Filmart.

As usual, there were plenty of parties and receptions, although THR kept me too busy to attempt most of them, I'm sad to say. But Hong Kong is Hong Kong, and there is always plenty going on, plenty of old friends to see.

The last night was particularly amusing, as I went drifting around from place to place, bumping into friends and people I only vaguely know. Around 2am or so, I stumbled into some upscale place where a big Hollywood mogul was hanging out, with his sizable entourage. I resisted the temptation to be all fake-friendly, though, and mostly stayed with my decidedly non-mogul friends. But it was a fun, late night.

* * *

Oh, for those of you interested, I have written a little review of Yozoh's debut album over at the KOREA GIG GUIDE.

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