Monday, May 05, 2008

Along Came the Rain and Washed the Colbert Out...

BIG NEWS: Colbert Report fan site the NO FACT ZONE is reporting that Jung Ji-hoon (aka Rain) will be appearing on this Monday's episode (May 5). And apparently there WILL be a Dance-Off.

But it looks like it is going to be a special dance-off. The link above has *Spoilers*, so click at your own risk. But it looks like the segment has much humor potential.

I must admit, I am really surprised and impressed that Rain has managed to get so much traction in the West so far. Significant supporting role in SPEED RACER (which will be released in a few days, on May 7), starring in NINJA ASSASSIN, representation with William Morris and a bunch of projects in the works. He has really come a long way in the year since he left JYP Entertainment. Good for him.

UPDATE: Oh, I just checked out Shenyue Pop and noticed that the TIME 100 poll for this year has closed. And in the great war between Rain and Stephen Colbert, the winner is ... Shigeru Miyamoto? Yes, the Japanese video game designer (DONKEY KONG!) beat both Rain and Colbert. Maybe for his next trick, he can design a video game featuring Rain versus Colbert, like Spy Vs. Spy.

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