Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sai Yochi on Korean Films II

Last week I linked to Ryuganji's great translation of a Sai Yochi interview, about his experiences making the movie SOO. Well, Don (of Ryuganji) is back for more, with yet another Sai Yochi interview -- this one even more interesting and critical, but definitely a must-read.

FYI, SOO was made by Triz Club, Co., a movie company that I have never heard of before. So when Sai talks about the two producers he dealt with, I cannot really comment on who they might be. Although I should note that Sai calls them "386 generation" guys and in their mid-thirties -- but if they were 386-gen guys, then they should be in the forties, not their thirties. The two guys listed as the movie's producers, Hwang In-tae and Shin Bum-su (and I have no idea if they were the gentlemen Sai talked about in his interview or if he meant some other people), are not names I recognize at all.

If that is not enough Sai for you, Japan Focus recently translated an interview between Sai and Li Ying, the guy who made the recent YASUKUNI documentary. Really fascinating stuff. Li has been taken to task for his repeated references to a Yasukuni-related event in 1997 that no one can find evidence of having happened. But that seems to me to be a fairly low-level memory mix-up, at worst. Li's definitely made a really interesting film.

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