Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Korea Weekend Box Office - Feb. 13-15

Benjamin Button might be curious, but Korea's cow movie OLD PARTNER is still the biggest news in the local movie scene.

A month after being released, OLD PARTNER (Wonang Sori) had its best weekend yet, pulling in another 1.8 billion won ($1.3 million) from 270,000 admissions. The ultra-low budget documentary has now made $3.4 million. In fact, President Lee Myung-bak went to see the movie a few days ago, giving the movie a nice little bit of publicity (in fact, with that act alone Lee Myung-bak probably did more for the film industry than five years of Roh Moo-hyun).

The top film last weekend was BENJAMIN BUTTON, making 3.05 billion won (about $2.17 million) since its release on Feb. 12.

Very close behind in No. 2 was the South Korean film THE SCAM (Jakjeon), with 2.98 billion won ($2.13 million).

At No. 5 was MARINE BOY. The big action film is probably one week away from being surpassed by OLD PARTNER, despite having a budget roughly 50 times bigger. Yeah, that's schadenfreude I'm feeling, too.

(If Marine Boy, Modern Boy and Oldboy got into a fight, who would win?).

Btw, Korean movies are now up to 46.5 percent of the box office for the year. Things seem to be getting better, at least at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

one of the actors in Marine Boy, said he hopes the recent trend of audience swarming to movies without big stars, happens to their movie too. such irony!