Friday, May 15, 2009

Cannes and Korea in the Hollywood Reporter

Korea is getting plenty of coverage in The Hollywood Reporter at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Not surprising, really, given all the Korean films there this year.

There is a Q&A with Bong Joon-ho here, and another one with Park Chan-wook.

There is also this interesting story about the state of Southeast Asian cinema. And this overview of the Japan film industry. And this Q&A with Ang Lee.

I'll add more stories as I come across them.

(Note: If you check out some of the following stories, you might notice that none of them are by me. I have been very slow to mention it here, but I actually stopped writing for THR some months ago, and have instead been putting my energies into some other projects. Which I should talk about soon).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

Could you tell us whom to write to regarding the photo mistake on the current THR-Cannes daily hand-out? Glaring error at hand is Jung Woo Sung's photo on a Lee Byung Hun article.

Much obliged, thank you.