Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Like You Know Thirst -- English Subtitles

Good news folks -- the new Park Chan-wook film THIRST and the new Hong Sang-soo film LIKE YOU KNOW IT ALL are both being shown with English subtitles, beginning tomorrow at the CGV Yongsan theater.

If you can maneuver in Korean, you can see them listed on the CGV website. If you don't know Korean and don't know anyone who knows Korean, it would probably be easiest just to head on down to the theater and checking out the timetable while you are there. There are plenty of ways to kill time at the Yongsan Mall if you miss your film's starting time. Sorry, but the films have a different schedule every day, so I cannot list the start times here.

LIKE YOU KNOW IT ALL is supposed to be one of Hong's funnier films, at least according to a couple of people close to Director Hong. And it is long -- 126 minutes. But if it is funny, like WOMAN ON THE BEACH, then I am okay with the extra time.

I may not be a big fan of THIRST, but I know a lot of people always want to see Park Chan-wook's films, so good luck seeing it.

And of course, MY GIRLFRIEND IS AN AGENT continues to screen at the Cinus theaters in Seoul with English subtitles (and Japanese).

I just stumbled across these subtitled screenings on the CGV website. There was no official announcement and I cannot find anything about these screenings on Naver, so if I have made a mistake, please let me know.

UPDATE: Paul over at the Hub of Sparkle blog has apparently taken the trouble of listing the screening times and locations of all the English-subtitled films for this weekend. Very nice of him.

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Paul Ajosshi said...

Screening times are listed in English here:

It's great that CGV are offering subtitles for both Thirst and Hong Sang-soo's latest creation.