Monday, October 09, 2006

Korea Weekend Box Office - Oct. 6-8

Not a lot time for me to talk about this week's chart (deadlines, deadlines). My quick tally of the 10-day Chuseok box office was about 8 million tickets -- not bad, but far from the 12 million some were predicting.

TAZZA: THE HIGH ROLLERS (the new and improved title of WAR OF FLOWERS) easily took the top spot, with nearly 4 million tickets sold since Sept. 27.

ANT BULLY (which was No. 7 the previous weekend, but was not on Film 2.0's chart when I wrote my post) rose two spots to No. 5 last weekend, while the Kim Jeong-eun comedy JAL SALABOSE fell two spots to No. 8. I'm guessing word of mouth was responsible for much of that movement, along with the additional kids going to the cinema (thanks to parents desperate to get their tykes out of their hair after several days of holiday fun). While not exactly a hit, ANT BULLY is not doing bad for a film on just 94 screens.

The Sponge-distributed VOLVER still ekes out of spot at the bottom of the chart. Nice to see something by Almodovar there, even if it is not tearing up the box office. Hopefully, we'll see more stuff like that in the weeks and months ahead.

THE HOST is almost toast. Now playing in just 10 theaters around Korea, it looks like Bong Joong-ho's monster movie has reached the end of its run, with just over 12.97 million tickets sold. So close to the magical 13 million, but just short.

This WeekTitle........................................Release DateScreens NationwideWeekend Attendance (Seoul only)Total Attendance
1.Tazza: The High Rollers9.27620363,0003,835,000
2.Marrying the Mafia 3:Gamun-ui Buhwal 9.21420134,7003,094,400
3.Radio Star9.27291115,600856,000
4.Maundy Thursday9.1425067,5002,969,900
5.Ant Bully9.279435,500241,900
6.The Fox Family9.2720031,400280,900
8.Jal Salabose9.2723015,800261,100
9.The Banquet9.219014,100403,500
(source: Film 2.0)

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