Friday, October 20, 2006

Korean Music Charts - September

Look at that... while I was busy in Busan, the Music Industry Association of Korea came out with a new music chart.

The most noticeable part of the chart is the utter lack of Shinwha, even though the band was No. 1 last month. This has happened before, so I assume the problem is with MIAK. Perhaps Shinwha's distributor is having some sort of tiff with MIAK, or something like that. On the other hand, Shinwha has the No. 1 spot on the foreign chart... So basically I have no idea.

Anyhow, the charts this month are absolutely stuffed with new releases. I wonder if the music biz is like the movies in Korea, with the Chuseok holidays creating a hot season. Embarassing to say I have never looked into that before.

This MonthArtistAlbum NameRelease DateThis Month's SalesTotal Sales
1.Dong Bang Shin GiVol. 3 - Oh! Jeong. Ban. Hab9.28120,505120,505
2.Lee Seung-chulReflection of Sound9.2727,10227,102
3.KoyoteLondon Koyote9.1825,74625,746
4.NellVol. 39.2122,86922,869
5.Big BangVol. 2 (Single)9.2821,00021,000
6.SG WannabeVol 3 - The Third Masterpieces4.0714,178290,951
7.Jang Ri-inJang Ri-in Vol. 1 - Timeless (Single)9.0812,78612,786
8.ParanVol. 2 - Beyond the Blue Sky9.0412,05212,052
9.Bae Chi GiMy Way9.0411,29611,296
10.See YaVol. 12.2410,93589,822

(source: MIAK)

And here is the foreign sales chart:
This MonthArtistAlbum NameRelease DateThis Month's SalesTotal Sales
1.ShinwhaJapan Single9.0615,05215,052
2.ArashiThe Best Collection of 2002-20049.128,4848,484
5.Stacie OrricoBeautiful Awakening9.015,8285,828
5.Christina AguileraBack to Basics8.145,57117,085
6.ArashiSingle Collection - 1999-20019.125,4855,485
7.Justin TimberlakeFuturesex/Love Sounds9.125,3785,378
8.Jo SumiWith Love: Best of Jo Sumi8.254,52711,524
9.FergieThe Dutchess9.194,1014,101
10.Richard Yongjae O'NeilLachrymae9.073,3583,358

(source: MIAK)

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