Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Box Populi

Matt over at the Gusts of Popular Feeling blog has a great post about the Korean boxer Kim Duk Koo (Kim Deuk-gu) and the Kwak Kyung-taek biopic about him, CHAMPION. But then, everything that Matt writes about over at Gusts is worth a look... it is one of the most substantial and interesting sites anywhere on the Internet about Korean culture.

Good to see some pictures of director Kwak, too. Although Kwak's films are not really to my taste, he is a heck of a nice guy, and I'm convinced that he has a really good film inside him, just waiting to get out. Sometimes it takes a while for any artist to hit his stride, figure out what he's all about and how to express that best.

Oh, and nice to see Matt mention Mark Kozelek and his Sun Kil Moon band. I'm a big fan, especially of his Modest Mouse covers. Can't believe I missed him when he toured Korea a few years ago. Hopefully we will get him back before too long.

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matt said...

Wow, thanks for those (really) kind words. Though I have to say, you picked a much better title than I did.

I had no idea Kozelek had ever played here. Of course, I miss a lot of good shows here because I never hear about them until too late, or have other commitments (like Shin Joong-hyun's last show - arrgh).

I've enjoyed reading your articles and posts in different places for awhile now, so it's nice to see you at it here. I look forward to the book!