Monday, June 04, 2007

D-Day for D-War

Hey, look at that. We finally have a release date for D-WAR, the humungous dragon/action movie. And that date would be August 2. You can go to the D-WAR website to check out the trailer and posters and things (only Korean, sorry).

UPDATE: I need to check my press releases more carefully. The D-WAR release also says that the monster movie is going to be released in the United States in August, on around 1,500 screens. By the distributor Freestyle Releasing, if you are interested. At any rate, 1,500 would be by far the biggest release ever for a Korean movie in the United States... or anywhere for that matter. Even half that number would be pretty impressive.

Incidentally, Showbox (the Korea distributor) is now downplaying D-WAR's budget. Instead of $70 million, they are now saying $30 million... The other $40 million was apparently for technical development and related investments at the production house, and so is separate from the movie's actual budget.

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philip said...

Looks like stupendous tosh. I can't wait.