Monday, June 11, 2007

Their War. Our Theaters:

So, TRANSFORMERS is one of the big action movies this summer, and Korea is getting it first. Which is rather unusual and cool. Japan has gotten the honors several times over the years (most recently with SPIDER-MAN 3). But Korea is, after all, a sort of home for THE TRANSFORMERS, since the animation on the 1980s TV show and movie was done here -- at both Sunbow Productions and Akom Pictures. I had quite the little nerd-out a few years ago when I went to the Akom office, just south of Seoul, and met Nelson Shin (who also animates much of THE SIMPSONS and did the MY LITTLE PONY movie).

The press screening was this morning, and I believe it was the first screening of the film in the world. Press from all over Asia has been flown in to see the film and interview Michael Bay and the lead actress. There will be some kind of big press conference later this evening, but I must miss it. I am told there will be some kind of big Bumblebee robot there, which could be some quality geeky fun.

Unfortunately, Paramount wants an embargo on stories about the film until June 29 (when the trades publish their reviews). But I think it is safe to say that the film is quite good. And the robots are even cooler than what you have seen in the movie trailers.

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