Friday, June 08, 2007

Random Notes - Vol. 2, No. 8

  • Early word I am hearing about the box office on Song Hye-gyo's costume feast HWANG JINYI is not good. It opened Wednesday, on the holiday, but its attendance so far is quite poor. Strangely, HWANG JINYI's distributor, CJ Entertainment, also released SHREK 3 on the same day. Maybe they were thinking the two films had a totally different target market, so would not interfere with each other? Anyhow, victory goes to SHREK 3.

  • According to local media reports in Korea (and, of course, the thousands of obsessed fans over at, Rain's North American tour has been canceled "postponed." This Soompi account is basically correct. No big surprise there. Rain is a very nice young man, but his break from JYP Entertainment was one of the more spectacularly poor career moves I have seen in quite some time (imho). Anyhow, I hope he manages to straighten out his various troubles soon and gets back to making his fans happy.

  • Speaking of JYP... Look for a big media blitz coming out soon for the opening of the JYP Entertainment office in New York. Billboard will have Park Jin-young on the cover (with substantial stories inside), along with all the major media you would expect in New York. JYP may have lost Rain, but the company still has a lot of really interesting stuff in the works.
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    bb said...

    wow. so jyp is really going to be on the cover of billboard? i thought that was just a photoshop creation. hehe how exciting.