Thursday, August 23, 2007

Last Chance to Hear an Echo

One thing I am trying to enjoy, now that the weight of my book is off my shoulders, is a little more live music. Last weekend, for instance, I went to the album release party for ANAKIN PROJECT, a quirky "folk punk" band that has Zho Yoonsuk on bass. Very much a stripped-to-the-basics affair over at Yogiga (an art/music space that I quite enjoy), but it was fun little evening.

This weekend, however, promises a fairly significant show -- the last Korean concert ever for Jet Echo. And Jet Echo is not alone. They will be playing with Sato Yukie, Mineri, Galaxy Express and a bunch of other bands (which can be seen on this incredibly funky poster below).

To be honest, Jet Echo was never really my favorite band. Although the last time I saw them play, in January, it was quite a good show -- a lot of energy and fun. I think they have gotten a lot better since the first time I saw them play, 2-3 years ago in Gongjung Camp. Since then, Jet Echo has become quite a staple of the Hongdae live scene. Definitely worth a look now, while you still can.

The concert begins at 9pm at Club Ta. Strangely, though, the Club Ta website seems not to have a map of their venue (unless it is hidden somewhere my Mac browser cannot see). Somewhere in Seogyo-dong (the north side of Hongdae).

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