Saturday, September 22, 2007

PIFF Pusiness

Sorry for the lack of postings (yet again). The Hollywood Reporter is going to be publishing dailies at the Pusan International Film Festival, together with CINE 21 (Korea's leading movie magazine). Septembers are usually my busy season, prepping for PIFF, and with the dailies this year, I am busier than ever.

In general, it looks like an interesting year for PIFF. It does not have any easy hooks for the foreign journalist crowd like last year (when there were a bunch of films about North Korea), but there still seems to be many interesting things going on.

Personally, I am most interested in the retrospectives and the latest Peter Greenaway film... but I never claimed to have the most cutting-edge or imaginative tastes.

Also, with the dailies and other THR stuff, I doubt I will have much time for movie marathons. But such is life...

  • Oh, and just for the heck of it, $0.9991 (and at one point, $1.006).

  • UPDATE: After eight days of release in the United States, DRAGON WARS is quickly running out of steam. It dropped to 12th on Friday, and now as a boxoffice of $6.7 million.

  • On the other hand, I just caught a little of the horrible GODZILLA movie from 1998. Wow, that was a ghastly film. I would rather watch D-WAR. (Actually, I would rather rub lemon juice into my eyes than see either film, but that is neither here nor there).
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