Saturday, September 15, 2007

Random Notes - Vol. 2, No. 9

  • TAEWANGSASINGI (aka, LEGEND, aka, FOUR GUARDIAN GODS OF THE KING) is off to a solid start in Korea. In its first three episodes this week, nationwide ratings were:
    Tuesday - 20.4
    Wednesday - 26.9
    Thursday - 26.9

    In Seoul, ratings rose slightly from Wednesday to Thursday, too. Too early to know if it will be a moderate hit or a big hit (or even if people will get bored and lose interest), but it is definitely a solid start.

  • Note: Ratings are not a percentage. Shares are written as percentages, ratings are not. Ratings refer to the number of viewers and households (but damned if I can figure out the math in Korea).

  • A little late, but I just saw the Sept. 7 episode of Bill Maher's REAL TIME. Which was capped by a very good New Rule segment that featured the Korean missionaries. Go to about 2:25 in to hear his take on the matter.

    (Actually, the Korean missionary schtick was the weakest part of this week's New Rules, but I still think it is worth a listen).

  • Greetings to all my German visitors. Thank you for your interest. But who is this "Rin" person and why is she being so nice to me? Anyhow, it is much appreciated. Danke.

  • 14% fresh.

  • FYI:
    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - 16%
    Alexander - 16%
    Hannibal Rising - 15%
    Underdog - 13%
    Garfield - 13%
    Dungeons & Dragons - 11%
    Catwoman - 10%
    Elektra - 10%
    Battlefield Earth - 3%
    Half Past Dead - 2%

    So I guess Shim Hyung-rae really is a Hollywood-quality director.

  • What the hey? D-WAR made its US release on Friday on 2,279 screens?! Why, for the love of god, why? That is so wrong at so many levels. Anyhow, I will mention how it did in the United States as soon as Box Office Mojo or Nikki Finke or whoever reports...

    UPDATE: Crap. D-WAR is actually making a little money. $1.5 million on Friday alone. Looks like it is a lock to become the highest grossing Korean film in the United States (not hard, since the previous record holder, SPRING SUMMER FALL WINTER... AND SPRING only had about $2.3 million).
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    Brendon Carr said...

    I watch Real Time with Bill Maher each and every week, and the September 7 show with Cornel West and Mos Def was the craziest panel ever. Even Maher was flabbergasted at the craziness out of those two.