Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Add Four Your Music Collection

I was rummaging through a local music shop a couple of days ago and what did I find? Why Shin Joong-hyun's very first album, when he was in the band ADD 4 (actually "Edeu Hwo," in the transcribed Korean), from the album called BISOK-UI YEOIN. Pony Canyon was nice enough to reissue the CD just a few weeks ago.

The songs are quite interesting. Not nearly as "psychedelic" as the Shin Joong-hyun's post-Pearl Sisters stuff. Must more of a pre-Beatles sound (as you would expect in a record coming out in the early 1960s).

Most interesting to me, though, is how many of the songs on this album would turn up later. Including the huge hit of 1968, ONE CUP OF COFFEE ("Keopi Hanjan"), although on this album it bears the name NAESOGEUL TAEUNEUN GURYEO. BADATGA also turned up on a Key Boys album, and Seo Yun-seok would sing SOYA EOSEO GAJA.

Anyhow, it is a piece of history and well worth picking up.

Have I mentioned the Shin Joong-hyun box set that is on the way? If not, I should write about that soon.

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