Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Korea Weekend Box Office - Dec. 19-20

After three weekends in a row in the No. 1 spot, seems safe to say that OVERSPEED SCANDAL is a solid hit. In fact, it made more money last weekend than it did the opening weekend. Despite a bad trailer, people really like it and are giving it good word of mouth.

I am a little surprised that PONYO ON THE CLIFF BY THE SEA, the latest animated film by Hayao Miyazaki, did not open better. But with the Christmas holidays, I suppose the film's distributors are hoping to get a kick from the kiddie crowd over the next couple of weeks.

After that, we have a block of Hollywood dreck, with JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH in third, TWILIGHT in fourth, YES MAN in fifth and AUSTRALIA in sixth.

Winner of the butt-kicking-of-the-week award goes to LOST AND FOUND, which despite opening on 480 screens, could only manage $740,000, or 7th place. Ouch.

I was happy to see David Cronenberg's latest (abeit from 2007) film EASTERN PROMISES sneak into the top 10 (albeit is a tiny $20,000). A fun little film from one of my favorite directors. And, of course, some quality gore.

This WeekTitle............................................Release DateScreens NationwideWeekend Revenue (bil. won)Total Revenue (bil. won)
1.Overspeed Scandal (Gwasok Scandal - Korean) 12.045293.5916.50
2.Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea 12.175202.122.55
3.Journey to the Center of the Earth 12.184552.082.60
4.Twilight 12.114211.366.40
5. Yes Man 12.183231.261.66
6.Australia 12.114521.014.83
7.Lost and Found (Dalkomhan Geojitmal - Korean) 12.184800.971.35
8.Portrait of a Beauty (Miindo - Korean) 11.13770.06215.55
9.Tropic Thunder 12.11900.0220.46
10.Eastern Promises 12.10160.0200.094
(Source: KOBIS - Figures represent 98% of nationwide box office)

FYI, MAMMA MIA is lurking in Korea still, coming in 11th this week, despite appearing on just seven screens nationwide. Not bad for a movie that opened in the beginning of September.

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