Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Korea Weekend Box Office - Dec. 5-7

Ack! Like a monster from a 1950s horror film, MAMMA MIA! just won't die. Over three months on, and the silly singing showcase has re-emerged on the top 10. Blessedly, way down in 10th (making less than $20,000). But still, kind of scary.

Anyhow, on with the real top-10. For the most part, this was a pretty good week for Korean films, as they accounted for the entire top 4 films. Plus ANTIQUE down in eighth, that gives Korean movies half of the top-10. Not bad.

After a strong preview release last week, OVERSPEED SCANDAL took the top spot with about $2.2 million or so (at about 1,450 won/dollar); that's about 475,000 admissions. Thanks to its early opening, that brings its total box office to about $3 million.

PORTRAIT OF A BEAUTY continued its strong run, landing in second this week, raising its total to nearly $10 million.

I have no idea what's up with THE ACCIDENTAL GANGSTER AND THE MISTAKEN COURTESAN (as KOFIC calls it) -- or DISTURBANCE IN HER BARROOM (as Darcy calls it). Two very odd English titles.

Down in fourth was HELLO, SCHOOLGIRL, which has not received very good reviews from my friends. As for me, I'll just re-read the comic book.

This WeekTitle............................................Release DateScreens NationwideWeekend Revenue (bil. won)Total Revenue (bil. won)
1.Overspeed Scandal (Gwasok Scandal - Korean) 12.044703.164.38
2.Portrait of a Beauty (Miindo - Korean) 11.133681.1714.17
3.The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan (1724 Gibang Nandong Sageon - Korean) 12.044010.951.27
4.Hello, Schoolgirl (Sunjeong Manhwa - Korean) 11.273580.904.05
5. Saw V 12.041760.540.72
6.Blindness 11.202300.444.19
7.Quantum of Solace 11.052700.4114.46
8.Antique (Seoyang Goldong Yanggwajajeom Antique - Korean) 11.132370.197.30
9.Max Payne 11.20830.0631.61
10.Mamma Mia! 9.04590.2729.14
(Source: KOBIS - Figures represent 98% of nationwide box office)

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