Wednesday, December 10, 2008

POP GOES KOREA Comes to Korea

At long (loooong) last, it is done -- I now have copies of POP GOES KOREA in my hands.

(And there was much rejoicing.)

My first thought -- Nice!

My second thought -- Don't let there by a typo on the cover.

My third thought -- Dontlettherebeatypoonthecover-dontlettherebeatypoonthecover...

Fortunately, I am pretty sure there are no typos on the cover.

Many thanks to all the good people at Stone Bridge Press for doing such a nice job. Great design, lots of color pictures, and very catchy. And there is a very well done index in the book, to help out any academic types.

It took a long time to get here. Well over a year (two years?) of just pitching the idea to numerous publishers. Then writing the first draft. Then re-writing, answering questions, and all the work needed to get the book into good enough shape to go to press.

Thanks to the many, many people I bothered and pestered, too. A lot of people had to answer a lot of questions for me to write this. I really appreciate everybody's help very much.

And now, we wait for the reviews...

So... what to do next? Another book? Something totally different? Hopefully I will have something interesting to report here before too long.

(Oh, and so far I have found two typos in the book. Sigh.)


Philip / London Korean Links said...

Cool. Must mean my copy from Amazon must be coming soon!

oranckay said...

Thank you so very much for the index.

But I'm PISSED bigtime that you I wasn't "bothered and pestered," though I'm sure it was because of my own inadequacies.

Mike said...

so when can I get my autographed copy of the book?