Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mo' Movies, Mo' Subtitles

Okay, this link is a few days late, but here is a reminder that there are more and more opportunities to see Korean movies with English subtitles these days.

The Cinus theaters in Myeongdong and Gangnam are both offering Korean films with subtitles, thanks in part to a support program by the government. Cinus has more information about the theaters and the movies with subtitles here. Unfortunately, if you want to find out the times the movies are playing, you need to be able to use the Korean-language website.

A reminder also that the latest International Women's Film Festival in Seoul is underway, running until April 16. All the movies are being screened at the Artreon Theater in Shinchon, and I think they all have English subtitles (nearly all?).

Oh, and if Russian cinema is your thing, the Seoul Cinematheque is having a big festival of Russian movies until April 26. Most of them have English subtitles. The Seoul Cinematheque is located at the edge of Insa-dong, on the fourth floor of the Nagwon Arcade (map).


Will said...

I was all psyched to see "Thirst" but apparently there's no way (yet) to see it with English subtitles. I checked with CGV Yongsan and Cinus but no one seems to be playing it for the opening weekend. . .

Anonymous said...

Where's the subtitles for "Thirst" ! Disappointing.