Friday, April 03, 2009

Chosen by the Chosun

Good news for POP GOES KOREA -- I just received my first serious mention in the Korean press. A nice little article about the book (and me) in the Chosun Ilbo. The article concentrates on my feelings about Korea's music scene, which is a nice angle, I guess. If I have a moment, I might translate a bit of it later.

Sadly, no links in the story to this blog or the Korea Gig Guide. But they mentioned POP GOES KOREA and my publisher, so that is quite decent.

(Warning: The article is accompanied by a photo. And while not quite NSFW, I would not recommend looking directly at it.)

UPDATE: Hey, the Chosun just posted the English translation of the story, saving me some work. Not terribly accurate (in regards to what I told the reporter, or even the Korean-language original), but nice to see something in English so I am not complaining.

Best of all, I am told that my book was spotted recently at Kyobo Books, both in the Gwanghwamun and Gangnam branches. There are not many in stock at the moment, but a new shipment is supposed to be arriving in a month.

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Philip said...

Cool. Congrats on the coverage