Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kim Yuna, Olympics at Last

Just a few hours now from the women's figure skating* competition at the Olympics. Which means at long last, we are going to find out if Kim Yuna has what it takes to win the biggest prize in her sport.

As a young person who watched Brian Orser in the Winter Olympics in 1984 and 1988, I can remember those competitions to clearly. So it is kind of wild now to be a small part** of that world, having worked with Yuna and Brian (and David Wilson and their whole crew) over the past year on a documentary. Meeting Brian for the first time I was surprised to feel myself geeking out.

For what it is worth, I can definitely say that all the people on Team Yuna and at the Toronto Cricket Club are some of the nicest, smartest people who I have ever met. Yuna (and her mom) really have created an amazing team to help push her to her goal.

What happens now? Who knows? Yuna has a great chance to make history, but you never know. As Brian pointed out to me, the Olympics often see unexpected skaters rise up and take the gold, because the pressures at this time are unlike anything else, even the ISU's World Championships. Good luck to her today and Thursday. It should be a great competition.

* I refuse to call it "ladies' figure skating". Seems way too anachronistic to me (not that anyone asked me for my opinion).
** Okay, a very, very small, tiny part of that world.

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matt said...

Very cool, regarding the documentary. When will it be released?