Friday, February 26, 2010

Kim Yuna Wins

Kim Yuna blew away the competition with a 228.56 for Olympic gold in the women's figure skating.

Asada Mao was second with 205.50, and Canadian Joannie Rochette was third.

FYI, Yuna's score would have given her ninth among the Men, which is pretty amazing considering the women's program is shorter, so has less time to build up points.

More to come. But it is 6am here in Spain and I need to go back to bed.

UPDATE: Okay, it looks like the Olympic Committee is working overtime to prevent people posting videos of the long program. But in the meantime, here is a great video from the New York Times, with Yuna and Brian Orser explaining her Triple-Triple jump combination.

UPDATE 2: Hey, that documentary I worked on -- Hip Korea: Seoul Spirit, for Discovery Asia -- has a preview up on Youtube (sorry, no embedding).

UPDATE 3: Actually, I just did the math. The women's freeskate is four minutes, versus 4.5 minutes for the men. So assuming Yuna could keep skating at the high level for another 30 seconds, she could have scored a 168.8 on her freeskate, which would have beaten all of the men. Of course, you cannot compare men's and women's programs like that, but it sure is interesting.

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