Thursday, March 08, 2007

Coming Attractions

Looks like the coming movie line-up is beginning to take shape, as more films are making the release schedule over at Cine 21. This is an interesting time of year, as local studios unload a lot of films ahead of the summer crunch, when the Hollywood big guns come out (and local big guns, like THE HOST). And with SPIDER-MAN 3 getting released on May 4 in Korea, the big summer season will be starting earlier than ever.

Some notable releases (in my humble opinion) on the way:

March 22 - SOO. This is the first Korean-language film made by the famous Korean-Japanese director Choi Yang-il (better known as Yoichi Sai, who made BLOOD AND BONES, DOING TIME and WHERE IS THE MOON?).

April 5 - THE SHOW MUST GO ON. The new Song Gang-ho film that Lotte Entertainment has high hopes for. I do not know much about it, but I will mindlessly brag that I have a ticket to the world premiere in Hong Kong in a couple of weeks.

April 12 - ACROSS THE YEARS. The latest film by Im Kwon-taek, a follow-up to his huge 1993 hit SOPYONGJE. Oh Jeong-hae, who played Song-hwa in SOPYONGJE, returns to her famous role, but no Kim Myung-gon, who is now the Minister of Culture & Tourism.

April 19 - BREATH. Kim Ki-duk's latest, about a man on death row and the woman who loves him. Not to be confused with MAUNDY THURSDAY.

MEET MR. DADDY. The new film by Park Gwang-su. About a man who meets his estranged daughter for the first time in a long time while on his way to a soccer game during the 2002 World Cup.

May 3 - ADEUL. The latest by Jang Jin.

May 17 - SECRET SUNSHINE. Lee Chang-dong's first film since stepping down as Minister of Science & Technology. Maybe for his next film, he could direct Kim Myung-gon?

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