Friday, March 02, 2007

Early K-Rock Photos

Ken Leighty, who runs the Korea a Tour of Duty website (for veterans who served in the US 8th Army Korea), has posted some pictures of club and stage shows in Korea in the 1950s.

Needless to say, I love that sort of stuff. Most interesting among them are pictures of a Korean band called "Keys". Judging from the sign behind them, "Lock and Key," this was the earliest days of the Key Boys (Lock & Key was their original name). The Key Boys were one of the first and most popular rock bands (or "Group Sound") in Korea (at least in the pre-Pearl Sisters era). You can read more about them and Kim Jong-hak here.

(And, of course, Gusts of Popular Feelings has talked already about this music and era).

Anyhow, Korean rock from that era is some of my favorite music, and I love hearing stories and stuff from that time period. Thanks much to Ken for posting those pictures. I also link to this pic. Not because it is significant or anything; it just kind of creeps me out... like something from LADY VENGEANCE.

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bobtheorange said...

Do you have any info about
the third version of the key boys, the one that formed in 1969? I found some
Korean websites with info on them but since I don't read Korean and Google
translate is awful for Asian languages, I've been having a hard time finding
good info about the third incarnation of the band.