Saturday, March 31, 2007


So I checked out the Slacker show on Friday, and I must say it was really good. Not just Slacker, but Kingston Rudieska and Suck Stuff, too. And I am not a ska/punk fan, either. Good crowd, too... A very nice mix of Koreans and foreigners, old and young, cool and me. Hopefully Matt and the DGBD crew will have more shows like that in the future.

Suck Stuff was the punk band... but either they have really gotten better since I last saw them, or else I am remembering a totally different band. Usually I quite dislike punk, but I thought they were solid.

Kingston Rudieska, on the other hand, I outright enjoyed. Nice brass section, mellow, hipsters without being annoying. Very much in the mood of Asoto Union, although different genres. Their homepage is here, and their Cyworld page is here. Their CD was recorded at Cavare Studios, of course, where so much of Korea's most interesting stuff is done (although they are not a Cavare band, I think, given their non-status on the Cavare website).

And The Slackers were also very good. I do not know much about the band, but I gather they have quite a following. Really reminded me of the neo-hipster scene that used to hang out in swing circles a few years ago (not that I am intimately acquainted with either scene... but that was the impression I received).

Will try to get some pics up from the show some time soon.

UPDATE: Here is an image of Kingston Rudieska that their manager just sent me.

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