Sunday, August 03, 2008

Galley Slave

Not a lot of updates again. And, yeah, I know I sound like a broken record about that. But at least my excuse this time is a little more interesting -- I have, at last, received the galleys for POP GOES KOREA. Currently going through them, catching all the errors I can, ponder whether certain items have gone out of date, and trying not to cringe too hard at the writing I do not like.

Actually, I find myself sympathizing with a lot of those celebrity interviews you read in the papers and see on TV -- you know, the ones where the actor is asked about his film, and he says something like, "Well, I finished filming over a year ago, so I don't really remember."

Although I have been working on the book with some frequency, the bulk of the writing was finished almost exactly a year ago. I have added sidebars and answered questions and tracked down photo credits, but for the most part, I was done last August. Kind of strange to be re-reading things that I wrote one, even two years ago. But at a certain point, you just have to let things go, as imperfect as they might be.

The good thing is, though, that the book is nearly done. With a little luck, it should be on store shelves by September.

Oh, one more reason I have not been writing much on the blog lately has been some fun projects I have been working on. They have led to a large amount of traveling as of late. I spend so much time in Seoul (and other major cities around Asia) that I really appreciate it when I can head off to the countryside for a few days. Especially when I can check out a part of Korea that I have never visited before.

I might write about some of those trips here soon. Not sure if they fit the theme of this blog, though. Maybe I should ask to guest post of Gusts of Popular Feeling or the Marmot's Hole, which might be more in keeping with what I have in mind.

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julian_w said...

Hey Mark,

You ever caught Oh! Brothers! ...?

I saw them last week down here at the Gwangju Theatre. They were excellent. My hard research (surfing through YouTube) reveals that they've been playing the same stuff for at least a couple of years despite what seems to be a line up change or two. Anyway, they're good fun.

Been down to Gwangju recently? Let me know if you do ever make it down this way and want to catch up for a beer or band or something.