Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Korea Weekend Box Office - July 25-27

Sorry for not writing much these days (yet again). Been very busy with a bunch of fun and interesting projects. Might try to write about some of them some time soon.

But in the meantime, here is the latest Korean box office. As you can see, THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD is holding up nicely. Distributor CJ Entertainment says that the Manchurian Western has toppped 4 million admissions already, after 11 days in the theaters, which is quite solid.

If I were to guess, I might predict GBW will top 8 million admissions. But I doubt it will beat 10 million, unfortunately. Still, a very impressive, solid hit.

On the other hand, Lee Jun-ik's SUNNY did not excite many people. I have not seen it yet, but most people who have seem to think it is underwhelming (not a surprise, judging by the trailer).

For those of you who are concerned about such things, thanks to the latest PUBLIC ENEMY film, SUNNY and GBW, Korean films are now up over 40 percent of the box office for the year again. Yeah, Korean movies.

This WeekTitle............................................Release DateScreens NationwideWeekend Revenue (bil. won)Total Revenue (bil. won)
1.The Good, the Bad, the Weird (Joheun Nom, Nappeun Nom, Isanghan Nom - Korean) 7.178255.7024.58
2.Sunny (Nimeun Meon Geose - Korean) 7.245983.244.32
3.Red Cliff 7.103280.669.41
4.Nim's Island 7.172990.572.53
5. Doremon 7.171010.370.94
6.Space Chimps 7.172320.290.96
7.Public Enemy Returns (Gangcheoljung - Korean) 6.192150.3228.36
8.100 Feet 7.241680.240.29
9.Hancock 7.022430.2317.67
10.Wanted 6.262070.2519.14
(Source: KOBIS - Figures represent 97% of nationwide box office)

Still waiting for WALL-E, though...

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