Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Promoting Begins...

So I did my first bit of promotion for POP GOES KOREA this morning. I was asked to join EBS Radio's Morning Date section, a once a week guest segment where random diplomats and notable people join the program and talk for a bit.

Not sure what I thought of the experience. I think I did not embarrass myself. But for someone like myself who is used to the luxuries of writing, ruminating and rewriting, having to put my thoughts together cogently on the fly is an odd experience (I am sure there are plenty of people out there who can testify that I almost never think when I speak).

Sorry that I cannot link to the program. I would not find it on the EBS website, and I am told that you have to pay for the streaming, so that's no fun.

I did have one friend email to say that he heard me on the radio, so that was quite nice.

Anyhow, hopefully it will be something of a learning experience, and I will be more witty and succinct when I have my next media run-in. With a little luck, there will be more soon.

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