Thursday, January 29, 2009

Uninvited, but Not Uninviting

Like binary stars rotating endless around each other in the vastness of space, so too do Darcy Paquet and I once again revolve around each other in universe of Korean movies.* Or, to be less oblique, Rob Boylan of the Orlando Weekly quotes Darcy and me in his article about the Korean film industry.

Not a bad introduction to Korean movies at all, certainly not the kind of thing you typically see in a US weekly newspaper. The story apparently made the cover of the publication, too. Thanks to Rob for turning the spotlight on Korean movies in a part of the world that probably does not think about such things too often. And thanks for plugging POP GOES KOREA in the article.

The peg for the article is the release of yet another remake of an Asian horror film in Hollywood. This time TALE OF TWO SISTERS gets the remake treatment, turning into THE UNINVITED. Not enough reviews of the film to have a rating on Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic yet, but so far the early word seems pretty decent (not great, but not bad). I will probably check it out when it comes to Korea.

But why on earth was this movie called THE UNINVITED? That was the English title of the Jeon Ji-hyun horror film SA INYONG SHIKTAEK. Sure there have been plenty of other films and things called Uninvited before, but it seems quite odd to use the title from one Korean horror film to remake another Korean horror film.

*(Okay, it was either a binary star analogy or a reference to the USS Enterprise and Reliant chasing each other around Regula I, but that metaphor seemed a little loaded... Either way, I'm a dork).

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