Friday, April 11, 2008

Hey Ladies, Get Festy

Last night was the opening of the WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL IN SEOUL. I had missed the festival for a couple of years, so it was nice to return... especially since this year's opener featured several people I know.

The opening film was called TEN TEN, a collection of six shorts made to celebrate the festival's 10th edition. Most interesting to me personally was HERS AT LAST, which was directed by Helen Lee, produced by Hanna Lee, and starring a couple of friends of mine (including the not-very-Korean So Ron-go). I just hope all the fame and fortune will not go to their heads too quickly.

BLIND DATE by Jang Hee-sun was the best of the short films, about an overweight, 30-year-old woman being pressured by her mother to go on a blind date. That turns into one of the worst blind dates ever, but perhaps not unredeemable. Quite funny and well done.

DRIVING MISS GRANNY and RABBIT had some good moments, too.

This year's WFFIS opening was held at the National Museum of Korea, which is quite a venue. I had not been there since the huge building was finished and I was rather impressed.

But most of the rest of the film festival will be held at the Art Reon theater in Shinchon, a much more convenient location. Worth checking out. The section on Fantasy and Fantastic Films looks especially interesting.

(Btw, sorry for the terrible headline. All I could think of).

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