Monday, April 21, 2008

When Life Gives You Lemons, Do Not Make Lemon Cass

So, CASS has a new beer available -- Cass Lemon. While the original Cass is probably my Korean beer of choice, most of Cass's other brands have not impressed. Cass Light is as bad as Capri. Cass Red tastes like the water in my sink after I've washed a lot of dishes.

And now there is Cass Lemon. Tonight I tried my first one. The weather has been warm lately, the kind of weather you might like a Corona with a wedge of lemon or lime in it. Good time for a lemon beer, right?

Wrong. It was bad. Bad bad bad. The first thing that came to mind? That scene in ANCHORMAN, when Paul Rudd tried Panther cologne and one woman compared the smell to Bigfoot (or, more specifically, a part of Bigfoot's anatomy). That is what Cass Lemon is like.

To be more specific... it is a light Korean beer, with less flavor than usual and an overwhelming fake lemon flavor infused into it. It tastes like they took Cass Light and mixed it with Lemon Pledge.


Why cannot one Korean beer company make a good beer? Just for variety... Just to see what would happen.



Mike said...

The only Korean beer I like is called Red Rock. Just my luck, I have heard that OB has quit making this beer.

I foolishly tried the lemon beer and it was crap, I spit it out. Looks like at the bars I will be drinking water.

Eddie said...

I have to agree wholheartedly. Korean beer is terrible to begin with, but Cass Lemon takes the cake as being, without a doubt, the worst "beer" I have ever had the misfortune to taste. I couldn't even drink half of one.

Brian Petersen said...

I agree Red Rock is great. I know several bars in Hongdae that usually keep red rock on tap.