Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Korea Weekend Box Office - April 18-20

Kind of a miserable weekend at the box office, with only one movie topping $1 million, TAKEN. Everything else is mostly sputtering, waiting for the summer movie madness to begin.

(FYI, this year, summer begins April 30, with the release of IRON MAN).

Not a good weekend for Korean movies, either, with only two films in the top 10 -- THE GUARD POST at No. 5 and THE CHASER down in ninth.

If it makes you feel any better, it was not even a good weekend for Hollywood. Most of the foreign films on the chart this week were from other parts -- TAKEN is French (from Luc Besson's crew), THREE KINGDOMS and EMPRESS AND THE WARRIORS are from Hong Kong.

This WeekTitle............................................Release DateScreens NationwideWeekend Revenue (bil. won)Total Revenue (bil. won)
1.Taken 4.092922.075.97
2.Street Kings 4.173130.750.92
3.Three Kingdoms 4.033360.656.04
4.Untraceable 4.172520.570.68
5. The Guard Post (GP 506 - Korean) 4.032760.425.79
6.The Bucket List 4.09900.270.90
7.The Empress and the Warriors 4.092680.181.13
8.Pathology 4.171660.200.25
9.The Chaser (Chugyeokja - Korean) 2.141500.1733.43
10.Definitely, Maybe
(Source: KOBIS - Figures represent 97% of nationwide box office)

For those keeping track at home, the current overall standings are:
- Korea at 52.2 percent of the year's box office
- United States at 36.6 percent
- Europe at 6.6 percent
- China and Hong Kong at 4.1 percent
- Japan at 1.2 percent

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